Incubator success stories: could you be next?

Emporium Creative Hub launched our first Incubator program last year. Here are five of our first graduates.

We were thrilled to launch our first ever Incubator program in 2020, bringing together 15 local creatives and entrepreneurs from in and around Bendigo. The results were spectacular, and we’ve brought together five success stories from our cohort of 2020 Incubator graduates.

We’re currently taking applications for our 2021 Incubator – read on to find out more.

Lauren Starr, Fine Art Photographer

“I found that we artists faffing about having no idea about business and money, and there were other creatives there who had more time spent on their business, so we complemented each other really well. We all meshed really well, and learnt from each other” 

Reflecting on her Incubator experience, Lauren talks about being pleasantly surprised by the diversity of candidates within the program, and the ways they were able to collaborate together. The Incubator gave her the opportunity to learn about her shortcomings, providing the skills to take a more considered approach to the work she was doing.

David Darrah of Twenty-Four18 Videography

“It was fantastic working with fifteen other entrepreneurs, and it’s amazing to bounce ideas off other people – which I’ve never done before… I’m even thinking about getting a desk here in the Creative Emporium Hub because I want to surround myself with those people.” 

David runs his own videography business in Bendigo, and joined the Incubator program with the intention of gaining tips on how to run his business more successfully. What he came away with was a new appreciation for the inspiration to be found from his creative peers, bouncing ideas around and receiving invaluable feedback from the other Incubator participants.

Andre Sardone, Steel Sculptor

“As the Incubator progressed, I made a few really good connections, and some which I think will be long lasting. I think I found it really good to be supported, and I think it gave us all a better sense of our value.”

Until he started the Incubator program, Andre never really thought himself as a business owner. By the program’s end he had learnt a lot about himself, and grew to have a better sense of his own value. Andre is proof positive that those who can commit the time and energy to the Incubator program get a lot out of it, personally and professionally.  

Kathryn Hall of Meld Creative

“One thing that came out of the Incubator for me was a really clear direction around where my business was going and where my skills are. As a sole trader, the work can be lonely sometimes. I really enjoyed coming up with ideas and bouncing them off each other.”

One of the things that Kathryn appreciates about the Incubator program is that it takes people out of their comfort zones, while also creating a forum for participants to inspire each other. Being exposed to the creativity of her peers led her to come up with new ideas and encouraged her to think outside the box, increasing her confidence.

Che Stevenson of Creative Revolution

“It surprised me how much I got from the interaction and collaboration with creatives, so I think it shows how much I have been in my own little bubble and underestimated the community aspect of the Incubator.”

Che joined the Incubator with the intention of taking time out from the day-to-day running of his business in order to plan the next phase of Creative Revolution’s development. He came away from the experience with a renewed appreciation for the Bendigo creative community, and the value of sharing his experiences with other local business owners.

2021 applications now open! Apply online.

Do you have a burning desire to bring a brilliant new business idea to life? Are you looking for an injection of inspiration to take your creative enterprise to the next level? We’re currently accepting applications for our 2021 Incubator program.

 Visit the Incubator landing page for more information, and to apply online.