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elcome to Emporium Creative Hub, Bendigo’s vibrant creative industries coworking space.

Emporium Creative Hub is a communal work space where creatives can create, connect, learn and grow through networking, business development programs and mentoring.

We’re inviting Bendigo’s brightest minds to join us – if your creative business has a commercial focus, we’d love for you to become part of our community.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation our doors will remain closed at this time and until further advice is received. We are doing our bit to help the community stay safe and healthy during this uncertain time and remain excited to welcome tenants into the space later in 2020.


Flexible memberships for your creative practice.


Flexible low-cost options for occasional coworkers.


$125+GST per year
Access all areas

Access all the benefits Emporium Creative Hub has to offer with discounts on desk hire, space hire, ticketed events and workshops as well as access to a dedicated Slack Channel.

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Hotdesk $30+GST per day
A desk on demand

Need a workspace every now and then, at a time that’s convenient? Community membership allows you to book a casual hot desk, with access to fast 500mb wifi.

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Part Time

Work regularly in our inspiring and collaborative space.


$125+GST per month
Work up to 5 days

Our Startup membership allows you to work up to 5 days per month, with access to a hot desk and full use of our super-fast 500mb wifi network.

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Startup Plus

$275+GST per month
Work up to 12 days

Our Startup membership allows you to work up to 12 days per month, with access to a hot desk and full use of our super-fast 500mb wifi network.

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Full Time

A permanent desk for dedicated full time creative coworkers.

Resident Solo

$400+GST per month
24/7 access

Our Resident Solo membership offers a permanent dedicated desk with 24/7 access and cabled ethernet connection to our super-fast 500mb internet.

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Resident Team

Multiple desks with
team discount

Need a work space for your team? Our Resident Team membership at Emporium Creative Hub offers dedicated desks with 24/7 access and cabled ethernet for your whole team.

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Join a tight-knit community of creative professionals.

Your creative business doesn't have to be a lonesome endeavour. Emporium Creative Hub is a vibrant collaborative space where you can work with and beside your fellow creatives.

Explore the Community

Collaborate and connect with fellow creative practitioners.

The Studio is already home to a strong community of leading creative businesses that share in the inspirational workspaces, business programs, and networking opportunities.

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The Case for Coworking

Creative people thrive in coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are transforming the way we work, shifting us away from lonely office cubicles to dynamic shared workspaces that inspire creativity and collaboration. Here are some of the reasons why coworking has become a global phenomenon.


Coworking offers the opportunity to make personal and professional connections with people in your industry, and coworking spaces host regular workshops, seminars and other events.


Coworking spaces can shift you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to your fellow creatives. They are dynamic spaces that inspire creativity and help fuel innovation.


The opportunities for collaboration go hand-in-hand with coworking spaces. You’ll never know where that chance meeting over a cuppa might lead, as you mingle in communal areas.


Offering greater flexibility than traditional workshops - with more structure than working from home - coworking spaces cater to different work styles and are optimised for productivity.


If you’re a freelancer who needs the occasional hot desk, or a team that needs a dedicated number of full time desks, coworking solutions allow you to only pay for the space you need.


Coworking spaces can make you feel like part of a community, and reduce the sense of isolation and loneliness that a lot of creatives experience when working from home.