Fifteen Bendigo creative entrepreneurs completed the first incubator in February.

We have seen tremendous growth and look forward to sharing our participants stories soon and welcoming our second cohort in the second half of 2021.

In October 2020 fifteen Bendigo creative entrepreneurs came together with a goal of strengthening, growing and scaling their businesses. At a presentation evening in February 2021, our participants were excited to share the results of their hard work with local business leaders and the creative industry.

Stop, collaborate and listen...

Vanilla Ice

The incubator is the creative scene for a diverse group of individuals with skills and resources to help each other succeed.

All of my great opportunities have come from friends.

Willis Thomas

Great work does not come about through a single stroke of genius but by the continual effort of a community.

Creativity needs collaboration.
Find your band of misfits, use the accountability of that group and let your sense of competition drive you to create better work.

Jeff Goins

The explosion of energy required to grow from sole trader, to small business needs a lot of fuel. Joining the incubator will power you up, giving you the tools and process to grow.

The What

The incubator is a fun and engaging way to boost your creative enterprise.

Over 12 sessions, participants receive knowledge, tips and advice from established business owners in creative industries while also benefiting from shared wisdom about their sense of purpose, strategy and lived experience growing new businesses.

In partnership with the brilliant minds at Sertori Consulting and Minds at Work, our business incubator provides participants with the tools and knowledge to develop their creative enterprise through a mix of online and classroom-based venues.

Delivery Partners
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Program Overview

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The why

Sometimes the community we need is right in front of us.

Do you have a burning desire to bring a brilliant new business idea to life? Are you looking for an injection of inspiration to take your creative enterprise to the next level?

Over 12 sessions, participants receive knowledge, tips and advice from established business owners in creative industries while also benefiting from shared wisdom about their sense of purpose, strategy and lived experience growing new businesses.

The goal of our program is the success of your business

The aim of our program is to provide emerging entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed:

  • Support
  • Connections
  • Practical tools
  • Processes
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The Program

12 sessions to success.

Our incubator features twelve collaborative sessions, led by expert facilitators.

SEssion One

Our Community of Creatives

Meet and greet, plus exploration of the program timeline and outcomes.

SEssion Two

Find Your North Star

Learn about your "why" and how it anchors the purpose of your business.

SEssion Three

Crisis to Creativity

Simple techniques for solving complex problems and resolving crises.

SEssion Four

Pitch Perfect 

Learn simple techniques and tricks to pitch your concept like a pro.

SEssion Five

The Gift of Feedback 

Practice giving feedback and receive quality feedback on your own pitch.

SEssion Six

Delegation Mapping 

Complete a delegation map to determine the skills you need to succeed.

SEssion Seven

Innovation Clock 

Learn the cycle of disruption to stay ahead of the game with new ideas.

SEssion Eight

Strong Core 

Explore and challenge self-limiting beliefs about you and your business.

SEssion Nine

Pathway to Maturity and Growth 

Use a template roadmap to capture key destinations for your business.

SEssion Ten

Growth Marketing 

Explore proven processes for capturing and growing your customer base.

SEssion Eleven

Present Your Pathway

Deliver a compelling pitch on how you’re going to grow your business.

SEssion Twelve

Weaving it All Together 

Nurture collaborations with your peers, for the next stage of the journey.

Our first cohort celebrated their achievements at a presentation evening in February 2021
How To

Who is eligible to apply for the incubator?

We’re looking for:

  • existing business owners who want to scale up from sole trader status
  • emerging entrepreneurs with a brilliant idea for a new creative business 
  • career transitioners who wish to work as a creative in their own business

The incubator is open to creative practitioners of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

For more details, contact David Hughes at Emporium Creative Hub on 0424 360 724 or via email at

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Who meet the following selection criteria:


Open Minded

An openness to new ideas, a commitment to continuous improvement and a love for the creative process.


Willingness to take personal, professional or financial risks in pursuit of your creative and business goals. Creativity is not compatible with playing it safe.


Ideas become real when we express them to others and work to bring them to life. We want to see real world examples of your output, from concept to creation.


We want candidates who can work collaboratively, sharing and working together, with the humility to appreciate their debt to the energy and creativity of others.
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Incubator online application

Emporium Creative Hub is offering a unique 12-session incubation program. Get the skills and knowledge you need to develop your creative business.

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