Six Bendigo creatives whose work will make you swoon

We've created a list of six Bendigo creatives whose work we really admire - we recommend that you check them out.

Maybe we’re biased, but we believe that Bendigo punches above its weight when it comes to producing talented creatives. But don’t just take our word for it - the evidence is all around us in the form of street art, photography, outdoor sculptures, visual art and even those exquisite hand-lettered place-cards at weddings and events. 

Here’s our list of very talented Bendigo creatives who are currently on our radar.

Sophie O’Keefe


Sophie hates spiders, loves making lists and enjoys dressing her dog in costumes. She also happens to be one of the most talented photographers in Bendigo, running a successful business which she set up after completing her photography major at uni.

Her style is natural and relaxed. Sophie’s talent lies in documenting those candid moments when people are unaware of the camera and let their guard down, capturing the purest expressions of affection, humour, joy, contentment and awe.

Sophie’s skill behind the lens allows all of us to share the intimacy of those special moments; getting married, frolicking with a toddler or snuggling up to a newborn baby.

Check out Sophie’s work on Instagram or visit her website.

Sophie's photos capture the intimacy of everyday life


Visual artist

If you’ve admired some of the street art around Bendigo, chances are it could have been created by Duffy - a local street artist whose retro-inspired work is characterised by bold colour and playful pop-art influences. Think Warhol, Lichtenstein and Banksy. 

The subjects of his work include a random array of pop culture references, such as 80’s cartoon hero He-Man, Amy Winehouse and Her Majesty the Queen - with Union Jack-clad corgi in tow. And his David Bowie/Prince mash-up will set Gen-X hearts aflutter.

Duffy was recently the exhibiting artist for this year's “Art In The Conservatory” at Rosalind Park in Bendigo in September. 

Check out Duffy’s work on Instagram and Facebook.

Duffy brings pop art to the Bendigo streets

Kate @ Hardinghand

Lettering artist

The word “swoon” could have been invented to describe Kate’s exquisite form of hand lettering, an art that has all but disappeared in modern times as we’ve abandoned the art of letter writing to tap away at our iPhones and use emojis to type out text messages. 

Kate’s bespoke lettering and calligraphy is an art form which preserves something that might otherwise be lost to the digital arts, using brushes, ink, nibs and pens to create custom handwritten letter art for her clients. It’s tactile, nostalgic and textural.

Her gorgeous custom lettering art is in high demand for weddings, events and corporate clients, which if nothing else reassures us that we’re not quite at “peak emoji” yet.

Check out Kate’s work on Instagram or visit her website.

Kate from Hardinghand

Chelsea Koetsveld - Studio Ampersand

Graphic design and visual artist

If social media is addictive, it’s because of people like Chelsea Koetsveld. The Studio Ampersand Instagram feed is the perfect example of what keeps us scrolling long after we should have logged off - it’s colourful, fun, unexpected and quirky.

Chelsea has been running her successful graphic design studio for 15 years, and looking through her portfolio leaves no questions why. Her distinctive style has produced memorable logo and branding work for a range of local and interstate businesses.

From unicorns to rain clouds and avocado cats (yes, you read that right), Chelsea’s individual style of visual art is utterly modern, distinctive and unique.  

Check out Chelsea’s work on Instagram or visit her website.

Chelsea's Instagram feed is instantly addictive

Cheryl A. Cadzow

Mixed media and digital artist

Illustrator, writer, creator, blogger, publisher… Mixed media and digital artist Cheryl A. Cadzow is the consummate modern storyteller, possessing an enviable skill set that encompasses photography, videography, ceramics and visual art.

Her Instagram feed is a riotous explosion of colour, and her distinctive style of illustration imbues her human and animal subjects with life, joy and humour (her self-portrait with mask is peak 2020, brought to you by the global coronavirus pandemic).

What’s next for Cheryl? Keep an eye out for her forthcoming children's book “The Crow King”, an Australian folk tale that she wrote and illustrated herself. 

Check out Cheryl’s work on Instagram or visit her website.

Cheryl's distinctive style of digital art

Yvonne George


Yvonne has over 30 years of experience creating bespoke sculptures, and her deep love for the artform shows in her work. Made in either steel or copper - then surrounded in resin, cement fondue or polystyrene - her sculptures are often inspired by nature.

Her work includes small scale works to large public installations that require councils, builders and engineers to install. Her recent film reel structure at Bath Lane Bendigo is a stunning addition to the local streetscape, at an impressive 3.3 metres in size.

Yvonne’s gallery at the Bendigo Pottery complex is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, but she is still taking commissions via her website.

Check out Yvonne’s work on Instagram or visit her website.

One of Yvonne's creations

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