October 2020

The Creative Life of Social Media Influencers

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Creative entrepreneurs are taking over the world with their influence on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook! We are no longer bound by geographic location allowing creatives to work from anywhere in the world and engage with their audience any time of the day.
COVID has afforded creatives time to think about the delivery of their business and prompted expansion in new and exciting ways with the use of socials in gaining exposure for their work.
Join the Studio Session team to meet with some innovative local creative entrepreneurs who are using their social influence to survive and thrive during what has been a challenging year.

This weeks guests include Paula Zetlein of Paula Zetleinart, Cam Shand, digital content creator and Youtuber and AJ Taylor, local photographer.

Paula Zetlein // Artist and Illustrator

Paula is an artist and illustrator who has turned her love for nature and a need to create into an art and illustration business. With a degree in Fine Art and a secondary art teacher career behind her Paula launched a range of Giclee botanical prints and products based on her illustrations in 2018.

Paula has grown from a product-based business to providing services such as Botanical Drawing classes and creating illustrations for art licensing. Earlier this year she had the exciting opportunity to create a series of botanical illustrations for an upcoming Beechworth Honey product range

Cam Shand // Digital Content Producer

Cam Shand is a content creator hoping to inspire his audience through budget buys, high value purchases and D.I.Y Projects in the Tech space.

From his videos being shared by companies such as Dolby Digital and Intel, to collaborations with global brands on reviews, he's proved location and subscriber count aren't everything when you can create quality content.

AJ Taylor // Photographer

Currently 25 years young AJ has already accomplished his life goal of becoming a photographer and is now taking on an ambitious project and expanding his skills set, teaching others how to be successful content creators in an ever changing market. AJ and his team want to continue to improve on the century-old profession of taking photos by building a strong network of open-minded and creative photographers who understand what it means to be a content creator in the context of their field.

Get ready for a fun studio session with lots of insight to how Bendigo creatives are influencing and building audience for a successful creative enterprise.

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The Creative Life of Social Media Influencers
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October 2020
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