November 2020

Networking in a Pandemic

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Networking is often thought of as a dirty word, conjuring up images of awkward conversations and meeting people whose names you can never remember!

Taking inspiration from Andy J Pizza, 'Networking is the worst, but making friends is the best!'

Join us to find out new and inspirational ways that you can build your creative enterprise, expand your client base, find a new job or get something super ambitious off the ground by building networks!

We will meet with Kathie Bolitho of Tough Cooking Marketing, Mauve Ashby, digital marketing and user data analysis extraordinaire and Emporium Creative Hub Manager, David Hughes.

Kathie has adopted a 'keep busy-in-a-crisis-strategy' after her business evaporated during the COVID pandemic. She has managed to firm up her creative enterprise and position in the market.

Mauve Ashby, works with Ballet Australia but wanting a position close to home in central Victoria, she picked up the phone and started talking. Find out how she has created her own opportunities sharing her extraordinary skills in enewsletter engagement and user data analysis.

We also have special guest Dave Hughes of the Emporium Creative Hub and Founder of Bendigo’s Invention and Innovation Festival.

Join us for our networking event about networking! New friends and fun, growing your networks creatively.

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Networking in a Pandemic
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November 2020
4:00 pm
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