November 2020

How to Get Started in the Tech and Games Industry

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Gaming is one of the world’s leading growth industries and thanks to COVID there is even more potential to get in on this industry no matter where you are located in the world.

With our special guests, Ben Harmond of Gravy Stain Pants, Paulina Samy of Dragon Bears Studios and David Parkin of Luggarrah, this studio session will highlight potential career options available in this fast growing industry. It will also explore the transferability of gaming skills to other industries.

Ben Harmon // Managing Director, Gravy Stain Pants

Ben Hammond is the Managing Director and designer at Gravy Stain Pants, a freelance design agency for gaming!

Paulina Samy // Founder and Creative Director, DragonBear Studio

Paulina Samy Founder and Creative Director at DragonBear Studios is all for inclusive employment opportunities and her strategy has achieved outstanding results!

David Parkin // Founder and Managing Director, Luggarrah

David Parkin is a Trawlwulwuy man and Founder and Managing Director at Luggarrah, a wholly Aboriginal owned and Kinaway certified business

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How to Get Started in the Tech and Games Industry
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November 2020
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
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