September 2020

Creativity; Helping us to stay healthy and happy

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As health discussions amidst a global pandemic take on new context and at times become frightening, it is important to remember that creativity can have a huge positive impact on both physical and mental health.

We are joined in this Studio Session by health care professionals Dr Robert Blum, medical oncologist at Bendigo Health and Dr Sandro Demaio, CEO at VicHealth, who will discuss the role of creativity in their work and share some of their personal observations about creativity and creative thinking in the health care sector.

Dr Robert Blum is a medical oncologist and has been Director of Medical Oncology at Bendigo Health since 2003. In this role, he has had a strong focus on building the service with expansion of clinical support, research, familial cancer services, haematology,nurse practitioners and training sites for medical oncologists and haematologist.

As part of his focus on service and programs he introduced the music program in 2019- to deliver music into the cancer centre - for benefits of patient and staff alike. He also recently established a wellness program for cancer patients.

Personally, Robert has been involved in music and performance since childhood. He trained in classical piano, piano accordion, cello and voice, areas of study that have helped him excel in his current role and inform his program development and delivery in the area of patient care.

Dr Robert Blum

Dr Sandro Demaio is a medical doctor and globally-renowned public health expert and advocate.

Sandro is currently the CEO at VIC Health and has previously worked for the World Health Organization and the EAT Foundation. He also co-founded the NCDFREE global social movement and established a not-for-profit foundation to improve the health and nutrition of Australian kids.

Sandro has published many scientific journal articles and is author of the Doctor’s Diet cookbook. He also co-hosts popular ABC television and Netflix show Ask the Doctor.

Dr Sandro Demaio

Jim Rimmer is a Senior Project Officer: Mental Wellbeing & Arts with Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth)

Over a 20+ year career in the arts Jim has successfully delivered a range of project outcomes, engaged with a variety of disciplines,settings and objectives ranging from venue to theatre company management,cultural diplomacy to community development programs, and much more.

During this time, he has developed extensive relationships and networks while exploring new ways of working in rapidly changing environments.

While Jim loves an opening night as much as anybody his real focus is the months and years beforehand - the business, project and communication plans, engagement and evaluation frameworks, the partnerships and relationships. The enabling factors.

He is a passionate advocate for the power of the arts, for living expressively, and for the community benefits generated by the creative sector.

Jim Rimmer

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Creativity; Helping us to stay healthy and happy
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September 2020
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