August 2020

Co-Working and COVID - What Next?

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Co-working is a great way for start-ups and small businesses to learn, grow and connect with like minded collaborators as well as share resources and experience.

If there is one thing that the current COVID pandemic has shown us it is the importance of feeling connected, but what does connection look like for co-working spaces and the businesses that rely on these central locations to source work and connect with industry?

What are some of the benefits of co-working and how can we adapt co-working concepts into our current and post-COVID plans?

How do we get through this together? And where do we find the right community for us?

We will be talking with some really innovative thinkers and champions of the creative and co-working community, Krista Horbatiuk, General Manager at Castlemaine State Festival, Amber Gibson, Community Coordinator at ACMI X co-working space in Melbourne and Philippe Ceulen, Head of Programs at Creative Enterprise Australia.

Krista Horbatiuk // General Manager Castlemaine State Festival
Amber Gibson // Community Coordinator, ACMI X
Philippe Ceulen // Head of Programs, Creative Enterprise Australia

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Co-Working and COVID - What Next?
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August 2020
4:00 pm
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